Since 2009, CHAD organization has been fighting for the Kachin communities to help them meet their basic needs.

We want them to become vibrant and self-sufficient

in their way of life.

Founder's message

Community Health and Development (CHAD) is a local NGO based in Kachin State, Myanmar (Burma). Founded on January 10th 2009, we are a civil society and catholic-based organization focused on Myitkyina’s diocese. The purpose of CHAD is to provide aid for the development of vulnerable communities. We also provide humanitarian assistance when it is needed. 


Upon the founding of CHAD, our focus was concentrated on remote areas (hard-to-reach villages) In 2011, when conflict in Kachin State broke out again, we decided to begin assistance programs for Internally Displaced Persons in refugee camps and host communities. 

Currently, we have three missions in Kachin State: Education and child protection project, anti-gender based violence project, and nutrition projects. We work in coordination and partnership with local, national and international NGO's. 

To reach out and support marginalized communities, to recognize their presence, their dignity and their rights for a better quality of life, is a human duty. In this way, we join ourselves in solidarity with these often forgotten people. A very important aspect of CHAD projects is to inspire local young people and to build their self confidence and capacity to be a productive member of their community. In this way, they will become leaders of their community, and country.

Current Project
Nutrition project 

To improve the nutrition status of the under 5's children and pregnant and lactating women.


Location: 27 IDP camps and sites of Myitkyina, Waing Maw and Moe Gaung Townships in Kachin State, Myanmar.         

Nutrition project

Nutriton project 1

Nutrition and WASH project

To provide Nutrition  and WASH assistance to conflict affected people in hard-to-reach areas.


Location: 20 remote villages in Sumprabum and Njang Yang Townships in Kachin, Myanmar.

Nutrition and WASH project

Education and child protection project 

To make the marginalize and poor children meet their educational and basics needs.To improve the knowledge of the community regarding child education, child protection, child rights, mother and child care. 

Location: Myitkyina Township

Education project 

Gender Based Violence Project 

To adapt and implement  SASA! toolkit to mobilize communities to prevent Gender Based Violence, with a particular focus on humanitarian settings.

Location: 5 IDP Camps in Myitkyina, Kachin, Myanmar.

SASA! Gender Based Violence project

SASA! Gender Based Violence project 
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Health Technician


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CHAD is looking for a Health technician (from Myanmar) for our Nutrition and WASH project.

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Phone: 09 49 34 51 12

Address: Room 212, 2nd floor, Catholic Diocesan Center, St. Columban Cathedral, Aungnan Yeiktha, 01011. Myitkyina Township, Kachin State, Myanmar