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Community Health and Development (CHAD) is a local NGO based in Kachin State, Myanmar (Burma). Founded on January 10th 2009, we are a civil society and catholic-based organization focused on Myitkyina’s diocese.

The purpose of CHAD is to provide aid for the development of vulnerable communities. We also have humanitarian activities when it is needed. 

At the beginning, we were just focus on people in remote areas (hard-to-reach villages). In 2011, when the conflict in Kachin State broke out, we decided to target also internal displaced people in IDP Camps and the host communities. 

Currently, we have four missions in Kachin State: Education and child protection project, SASA! Gender Balance Violence project and Nutrition projects. We work in coordination or in partnership with local, national and international NGOs.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is that the communities become vibrant and self-sufficient in their way of life.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable the local community through education, providing recourses and in supporting them to have their basic needs meet. We do this through empowering the local community and working in cooperation with other organizations.


A very important part of CHAD’s work is to empower and develop local young people. We want to motivate them and build their self-confidence and capacity, so that they will become leaders in their communities and country and provide the best service to their own people. 

Our Value

To recognize and respect the sacredness and dignity of human life and of the environment by our presence, by our sharing and love for one another.


  • We see prevention and awareness of causes of diseases as a value for the community to be healthy and have a better quality of life. 

  • We value the community working together for the development of the village and becoming self-reliant.

  • We value the results obtained because of collaboration within the community.

  • Educated and informed local community assist the development of the human society. 

  • We value peace building between ethnic, cultures, religious people’s this land.

  • We value net-working with other organizations.

Our Action

Our action is divided into four major fields of action, which group together all current and future projects:

  • ​Health

  • Education

  • Women empowerment

  • Emergency

Our strategic thinking is articulated around these four main areas, to keep a coherent and lasting action, in accordance with the objectives and the values ​​of our organization.

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Our Staff

CHAD’s team is mostly youth who come from different backgrounds and are committed to helping different communities throughout Kachin State. Today 33 persons work in CHAD organization. 

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