Nutrition Project

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Community-based Nutrition Project in IDP camps* in Kachin State, Phase II

*This is the second part of a nutrition project begun in 2017. This 2018's project improve the number of locations

** IDP camp: Internal Displaced Persons' Camps

Key Information



areas in Northern Kachin State:

Myitkyina Township (11 locations)

Waingmaw Township (11 locations)

Moe Gaung Township (5 locations)



1 year

Nov. 2018 - Sept. 2019


Targeted people

2,511 direct beneficiaries


8,488 indirect beneficiairies 

In the direct beneficiaries, there are:  

1,348 Women and 238 Men 

475 boys and 450 girls 


Staff Team

11 full time project staffs

9 Field Officers

1 Project Coordinator 

1 Assistant Project Coordinator




IDP Camps/Villages

27 targeted locations 

24 IDP Camps / 3 rural villages

This 27 locations are identified as vulnerable and nutrition interventions are missing as discussed with UNICEF.




World Concern supplies to CHAD, grants but also capacity building regarding Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) and nutritions.




While access remains difficult, the people in Kachin and especially in IDP Camps are in dire need of basic services and support in a wide variety of sectors, including primary health care, life-saving food assistance and livelihood support, nutrition support, quality protection services, water and sanitation infrastructure and supplies, education and shelter. 

Under-nutrition is a serious public health problem and among the lead causes of death, whether directly or indirectly. It also reduced cognitive, motor and socio-economic development, reduced school performance and learning capacity, and later as an adult reduced height, increased risk to obesity and NCD's as well as reduced work capacity and productivity. 

  • 45% of all deaths of children U5 can be attributed to malnutrition in Kachin State. (2013 Lancet series MACN)

  • 36.1% of all children U5 are stunted in Kachin State, which is among the highest rates in the country (DHS 2015-2016)

  • 36.6% of women of reproductive age were found to be anemic (DHS 2015-2016)

The main issue among Kachin infants and young children is chronic malnutrition. These high malnutrition rates are linked to inadequate dietary intake, particularly among mothers, infants and young children. The complementary feeding practices are insufficient and we observe a lack of knowledge about nutrition in the communities. 

Displacement due to Kachin conflict and the IDP Camps situation often exacerbate an already poor health and nutrition status among women and children who are most vulnerable.

To fight against this main issue, CHAD and World Concern have chosen to take action in Rural Area and IDP Camps. The selection of places has been discussed with UNICEF: the nutrition sector lead. Those locations where selected because nutrition interventions are missing. 

Project goals

Nutrition status of children under 5 and pregnant and lactating women is improved in the targeted locations.

Nutritionally vulnerable groups access key preventive nutrition-specific services in 27 IDP camps and sites of Myitkyina, Waing Maw and Moe Gaung Townships in Kachin State.          

Project Activities

To implement the project, CHAD works with Community Mobilisers (CM) and Mother Group Leaders (MGL).  One CM is hired in each location and one MGL for each Mother Group. They have been receiving a monthly stipend for the full project period. 


They are the local persons and the main project implementers in their respective villages and IDPs Camp, working on community development by community mobilizing, facilitation of awareness raising workshops/training, and distribution of project inputs. CHAD full-time project staffs support them continuously by providing technical assistance, supervision and monitoring, and strengthening their capacities and performances.  


Working in this manner with the CMs and MGLs is a means to develop a sense of ownership and to build their confidence and competence so that they remain as the key resource persons and actively provide the communities with their knowledge and skills when the project will be completed.  


To give access to nutrition preventive services, through the availability of monthly IYCF community awareness sessions, growth monitoring, IYCF mother groups and individual counseling.

*IYCF: Infant And Young Children Feeding 

nutrition awarness IDP Camp Kachin Myanmar

Introduction of the project and discussion around current knowledge, attitude and practices of IYCF in the targeted locations with the communties.

Provide nutrition awareness sessions at community level (including IYCF, basic nutrition, WASH, cooking demonstration, nutrition promotion monthly activities)

Establish and support 34 mother groups  in the targeted communities and locations

Establish and support monthly growth monitoring of U5’s with follow up home visit and individual counseling. It is made by Community mobilisers and Mother Groups Leaders supervised by Chad Staff. 

nutrition awarness IDP Camp Kachin Myanmar

One refresher training for CHAD nutrition team. 

Made by State Health Department and World Concern

Trainings for Community Mobilisers on IYCF*.

To bring them knowledge and competences to make them facilitate the awareness session and actively provide the communities when the project will be completed.  

*IYCF: Infant And Young Children Feeding 

Referral support for severely malnourished and/or sick children.

To provide follow-up and assistance when it is needed. 

Monthly food supply of fed-well package* for under 5 children and lactating and pregnant women. 

*Fed-well package: rice, beans, eggs, vegetables...

Monthly supply of nutritive food package for under 2 children.

If the child is over 2 years old but in mal-nutrition (Red or Yellow area in the Growth Standard Chart), he also receives this food package.


To increase local and CHAD capacity to provide nutrition preventive services in the targeted locations


To supply food items for preventing mal-nutrition 

Nutrition Team