Our strategy

We want to increase our activities in hard-to-reach areas. To Keep supporting these forgotten communities through Health, Protection, WASH and Nutrition projects.

For the next 2 or 3 years we want to spread our current projects in more locations. We also want to take more time for implementing and changing people’s behavior in current targeted places concerning Protection and Nutrition. 

We still want to be focus on development and humanitarian projects in IDP* Camp but especially in remote areas. Today few organizations are working in remote area in Kachin State. One of the main priority for CHAD is to create new projects in hard-to-reach location in order to support these communities forgotten by the government and the international NGO. The situation is still precarious and lot of people are in difficulties. 

We would like to support them through primary health care and immunization, nutrition, WASH*, but also Protection as Gender-Based-Violence and Child protection. 

*IDP Internal Displaced Persons

* WASH: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Concerning Education, we want to develop activities for youth. Today, we are supporting education need for poor children in Myitkyina townships, but we would like to bring them regularly culture, art and sport access. This very important for making them growth and developing themselves. 

Concerning CHAD capabilities and skills, since 2009 we have kept training our staff in order to be efficient, professional and help the best we can the communities. Since 2019, we have been welcoming volunteers from France to support us in our projects, fund raising and improve the Chad staff’s English skills. 

Coming projects 

Immunization project


This project will be a Health project in partnership with Christian Aid. It is an immunization awareness project for 10 months. This pilot project is used by the partner for making Research and Innovation. 

30 villages have been selected in Myitkyina township. The project will be implemented in 15 villages and the results will be compared with other 15 villages. 

The CHAD’s work is to implement and collect the data. 

School based education Project


This is a school-based education project. The target is both IDP and host communities. The goal is to support money and capabilities to schools in Myitkyina townships. We want the schools to become an emotional and physic security places for the children. The objective is to improve the infrastructure, the school management, to support the school fees, to create location for school activities (sports, arts…)

Food Supply and livelihood project 


This project is a Food Supply and livelihood project in partnership with Action Aid. The targeted place are IDP Camps and host communities. The objective is to support people in need by Cash Transfer Processing. In the targeted location, WFP already supports them for first necessity needs. The goal for this project is to support them for second necessity needs as health or education spends for example. 

The CHAD’s work is to implement and collect the data. 


Another part of the project is to support them for buying/renting some lands in order to create Income Generating Activities. 

Nutrition project 


For the Nutrition project we currently have a partnership with World Concern (2017-2019). We have applied with the NGO to LIFT and MHF fund to continue. The objective is to spread the nutrition project in other locations. We also want to continue in the current location in order to have more time for changing the nutrition behavior and keep following-up the targeted people.