Since 2009, CHAD has been working with quality partners. They have been trusting us and believed in our value, goals and vision. They want to help vulnerable communities in Kachin State. We have also been supported by individual people (international and local).

They are supporting us by bringing experiences, grants or teaching skills to our staff. 

Current Partners


Nutrition project


Nutrition and WASH project


Gender-Based-Violence project


Education project


Immunization project


Women empowerment

Former Partners

Health Project 


Psychosocial Support Project 


Psychosocial Support Project 


Gender Based Violence Project 

Psychosocial Support Project 


Child Protection Project 


Nutrition Project 


Education Project

Collaboration and Coordination

CHAD is benefiting from the collaboration and coordination with agencies from United Nations. CHAD is actively involved in the:

  • Child protection sub sector cluster meeting (Unicef)

  • Health sub sector cluster meeting (WHO)

  • Nutrition sub sector cluster meeting (Unicef)

  • Food sub sector cluster meeting (WFP)

  • Gender based violence (GBV) sub sector cluster meeting (Unicef)


CHAD is also a member of Kachin State Civil Society Network (KSCN), Kachin State Women Network (KSWN), member of Transparency Accountability Network for Kachin State (TANKs) and Scaling Up Nutrition for Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA).

In all those meetings and networks, members are UN organizations, government departments, INGOs, NGOs, CSOs, community leaders and local authorities. By participating to these meetings and networks, CHAD takes his place in these sectors and takes responsibilities in responding the common issues and humanitarian issues. CHAD is closely communicating with the stakeholders and respective actors to avoid duplication and collaboration such as sharing resources, knowledge, technical assistances and in responding the challenges.

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