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 The context is still very difficult in Kachin State. Today, 100 000 persons are living in IDP Camps in precarious situation. Moreover, lots of people live in remote areas in conflict affected locations. They are marginalized, and they lack basic services.

*IDP: Internal Dispalced Persons


We want to keep providing aid for the development of these vulnerable communities. We want them to meet their basic needs and be self-reliant through: Education, Nutrition, Health Care, WASH and Protection projects.


If you believe in our projects but mostly if you believe in our vision, our missions and our value you can help us. We need grants and donations to continue our fights in Kachin State concerning development and humanitarian actions. We also need you to share the Kachin situation around you to make people aware. 


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If you are an organization and you want to work or cooperate with us do not hesitate to contact us. 

If you are an organization or an individual person, you can support us by your donation and by sharing the Kachin current situation around you.

You can also help us as a volunteer spending your time sharing knowledge to our NGO or to the vulnerable communities. 



Every donation is useful for our organization. We use it for humanitarian or development missions. You will find bellow what represents different amounts of money in our projects in Kachin State, Myanmar. 




Could provide nutrition kits of complementary foods items for one under 5 child for one month in remote area or IDP camps 




Could provide school stationery for one poor child for one year 




Could provide two uniforms for one poor child for one year 




Could provide school stationery, uniforms, bag, umbrella and summer activities for one poor child for one year 


If you want to support us or if you have any question you can contact our finance officer: or CHAD's email address: