What we do

For 10 years we have been fighting for enable the communities to meet their basic needs

In 2009, CHAD was founded in order to make the communities become vibrant and self-sufficient in their way of life. We have made some assessments and trained ourselves to help them the best we could. Thanks to quality partners and our experiences, we have been developed skills in different fields. Moreover, we have a motivated and experienced staff who has been working in Chad for years. Today we have 6 kinds of actions.  


     of actions

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- Basic Health Care

- Control of communicable Disease 

- Health Education 

- Maternal and Child Health 

- Patient referral

- Basic needs supply



Humanitarian Crisis

CHAD is mostly focus on development but we also help in humanitarian crisis.

We assist NGOs when it's required. 

4 current projects

Nutrition Project 


Nutrition Project  

To improve the nutrition status of of under 5's children and pregnant and lactating women in 27 IDP* camps and sites of Myitkyina, Waing Maw and Moe Gaung Townships in Kachin State, Myanmar.    


Actions: IYCF community awareness, children growth monitoring, IYCF mother groups and individual counselling, food and nutrition supplies.

*IYCF: Infant and Young Children Feeding

*IDP: Internal Displaced Persons

Nutrition and WASH project


Nutrition and WASH Project 

To provide Nutrition (IYCF) and WASH assistance to conflict affected people in 20 remote villages in Sumprabum and Njang Yang Townships, Kachin State, Myanmar

Actions: Growth monitoring, nutrition and WASH awareness, nutrition and hygiene supplies

*IYCF: Infant and Young Children Feeding **WASH: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Education and Child Protection Project


To make the marginalize and poor children meet their educational and basics needs. To improve the knowledge of the community regarding child education, child protection, child rights, mother and child care. 

The project takes place in Myitkyina township, Kachin State, Myanmar.

Actions: School basic needs and nutrition supplies, children supporting for school fees, life skill training, summer holidays activities.

Education and Child Protection Project 
SASA! Gender Based Violence Project


To adapt and implement SASA! toolkit in 5 IDP* Camps to Mobilize Communities to Prevent Gender Based Violence, with a particular focus on humanitarian settings.

The project takes place in Myitkyina township, Kachin State, Myanmar.

*IDP: Internal Displaced Persons

Actions: Community awareness and activities, gender events, gender response and support.

SASA! Gender Based Violence Project