Where we work

Community Health and Development (CHAD) is a local NGO

based in Kachin State, Myanmar (Burma).

The purpose of CHAD is to provide aid for the development of vulnerable communities. As a civil society and church/catholic-based organization, we are focus on Myitkyina’s diocese.

Myitkyina Diocese

The diocese of Myitkyina is made up of North Kachin State and Naga area. 

To reach the targeted communities, we are used to working in big townships, villages, IDP* Camps but also hard-to-reach area. 

The targeted locations have been in NGCA* and GCA.

*IDP: Internal Dispalced Persons

*Non-Government-Control-Area / Gouvernment-Control-Area

Myitkyina Diocese CHAD Kachin Myanmar

Myitkyina Diocese

Current projects' locations

CHAD NGO project locations Kachin Myanmar

Nutrition Project  

Myitkyina Township

Mogaung Township

Waingmaw Township


24 IDP Camps 


3 rural villages

Nutrition and WASH Project  

Sumprabum Township

Njang Yang Township


20 hard-to-reach villages

SASA! Gender Based Violence Project  

Myitkyina Township


5 IDP Camps 

Education Project

Myitkyina Township


15 rural villages